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Statement of Purpose

The Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel is a community-based nonpartisan policy group created to foster comprehensive approaches to legal marijuana policy, integrating health, safety, economic, and regulatory issues in Humboldt County, California and the United States.

HuMMAP speaks for the interests of legal marijuana growers, patients, caregivers, distributors and support services across Humboldt County. Join us!

Latest Marijuana News

States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act introduced in Congress.

NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws had this summary: House Bill 1983, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, would ensure that medical cannabis patients in states that have approved its use will no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from federal law enforcement agencies. It states, “No provision of [read more …]

Summer Arts Report

HuMMAP tabled at the Mateel’s Summer Arts festival with a map blow-up from the national NORML website. It really caught people’s attention. Click the link and take a close look. Encourage your neighbors to check it out as well and post your comments below.

The map shows current and proposed marijuana policy changes across the nation. [read more …]

“Marijuana pollution”

From the New York Times blog

Today’s idea: Pot isn’t so green after all, an article says. California’s large marijuana growing operations — most illegal — “are polluting local ecosystems on an industrial scale in rural counties and places as unlikely as state parks.”

Environment | Is pollution an under-publicized argument for legalizing and regulating [read more …]

Weed Workers Unionizing

Related NYT article

San Jose union begins organizing pot workers

Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, May 28, 2010

A major California labor union is organizing medical cannabis workers in Oakland, a move that analysts say will help efforts to legalize marijuana and open the door for the union to organize thousands more workers if state voters [read more …]