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A brief update on HUMMAP, August 15, 2012.

We began work in April, 2010 when, like much of Humboldt County, we began to realize that if Proposition 19 were to  pass in the coming November election, Humboldt County’s economy and culture would have to make some rapid adaptations or face extreme hardship. We were specifically working [read more …]

Phase I medical marijuana ordinance to be presented at County Planning meeting Thursday, August 18th.

Clicking the link above or here, you can read the text of the County’s draft of Phase I of the medical marijuana ordinance. This will be presented to the Planning Commission Thursday night at 6pm in the County Board Of Supervisors’ chambers in Eureka. Both the Humboldt Growers Association (HGA) and HuMMAP will be giving [read more …]

States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act introduced in Congress.

NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws had this summary: House Bill 1983, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, would ensure that medical cannabis patients in states that have approved its use will no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from federal law enforcement agencies. It states, “No provision of [read more …]

HuMMAP Draft Medical Marijuana Ordinance Updated

The HuMMAP draft ordinance, linked here and in the menu bar above, has undergone some revisions based on grower input and further discussion. If you haven’t read it yet, please take a few minutes to go through it and give your input, either as a comment below or in an email. Thanks.

New DRAFT HuMMAP Medical Marijuana Ordinance submitted to Planning Commission staff.

HuMMAP’s latest proposal for a medical marijuana ordinance for Humboldt County can be seen by clicking the link above, below the header image or by clicking here.

This is the draft ordinance that has been submitted  to the Planning Commission staff. The next Planning Commission meeting will be this Thursday, May 12th at 5:30pm [read more …]

Humboldt County's real economic index.

The Humboldt Economic Index has been used as a measure of economic activity across the county for over a decade, but it has never included our county’s prinicipal economic activity—pot production. Erick Eschker, Director of the Humboldt Economic Index and Professor in the Department of Economics at
Humboldt State University, is working to make the index [read more …]

County introduces deeply flawed marijuana ordinance—your comments needed at Planning Commission meeting.

Elements of Humboldt County government have decided to cold-shoulder the public by enacting our first medical marijuana regulations. An ill-conceived draft ordinance will be discussed again at 6pm this Thursday, February 3rd at the Planning Commission meeting in the Supervisors’ chambers at the Courthouse in Eureka.

Citizens should come tell the Commissioners that this draft ordinance [read more …]

Good medical cannabis ordinances for Humboldt to learn from.

Here are three constructive medical marijuana regulatory models that solve problems we haven’t addressed here in Humboldt, from Washington state, San Franciso and Sebastopol. We invite all readers to share other exemplary models  with us here, and we’ll make sure the county  learns about them. Here’s what progress looks like so far:

Washington state regulates MMJ [

Meeting This Monday 6pm. Be Part Of The Conversation!

HuMMAP will host an update and conversation this Monday evening at the Garberville Vets Hall, to begin community discussion of how Humboldt county should regulate its medical marijuana industry. Regulations will be enacted this year. HuMMAP has advocated countywide public hearings on what they should contain, and will continue to represent public and industry desires [read more …]

What Is A Family (Cannabis) Farm?

HuMMAP will be making a presentation at the Hemp Fest this weekend at the Mateel Community Center in Redway. We’ll be soliciting opinions from the community to help guide the future of the cannabis industry in Humboldt.

The key questions we’d like you to help us answer are: How would you define a “small family grower?” [read more …]